Sewing is like medicine to my soul! It’s very peaceful. I can honestly say, “I have a passion for sewing.” Probably more so a longing for it! I love picking out the beautiful fabric with my Daughter! Now that I order my fabric online, I can’t wait to receive it at my home. I’m like a child opening up a toy when I get it! I must see it and touch it right away!

I put a lot of love and attention into my modest handmade skirts. I know each and every detail about all the skirts I make. With everything being mass-produced these days, retail skirts for girls don’t get this kind of attention.

Machines don’t connect to people. They just mass produce. If you see something in a store that lacks your own personal taste,  it’s not like you can call the designer up and say, “Hi  Mr. Succi! I love this skirt! Can I get it in hot pink instead of black?”  “Also, it’s a bit too short. Can you please lengthen it for me?”  Forget about it. You may as well try to find something else you like.

Mr. Succi can’t give you those little extras. You’ll never reach him! I can do that with my handmade skirts. I have the opportunity to connect with my customers. I can accommodate my customers more than a big mass producing company can. If I want to adjust the price or take a return I can. I don’t have to go by the policy. I know that each case is different. I’m willing to work with my customers more.

I really care about the quality of the skirts that I make.  Just knowing that a girl somewhere around the world will wear a skirt of mine, fills me with joy!  I’m contributing something to communities all over! Not just a skirt. But a modest skirt. One that any parent would be pleased to put on their Daughter!

When I receive something that has been handmade, I feel very special! I know that a lot of time and effort went into making it and buying it! All in all, handmade things are made better, have lots of love, and make others feel very special!

Thanks for reading!

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