Lime is such a beautiful color! I just love beautiful bold colors! It seems that I’m naturally attracted to the colors.

What about you? Are you searching for modest skirts or dresses for preteen girls? If so, please tell me what colors you like to see young girls in. I know that many of the modest skirts and dresses online for preteen girls are not what Moms are looking for.

Personally, I can’t work with fabric that doesn’t appeal to my eyes. I would get bored with it. Purchasing beautiful fabric is part of the fun! I love to have fun with my modest skirts and dresses!

What are some of your favorite colors for young girls? Also, (if you’re willing) what’s a good price range for modest skirts and dresses? I can’t wait to read your comments!

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One of my favorites from Whitney Houston!

The death o f Whitney Houston was sad indeed. I grew up with her music. I loved her unique voice.  It was very strong and powerful! The one thing I appreciated about Whitney, she always had class and style in her videos. I have never seen videos of her wearing skimpy clothing. Her music was decent for all in the family. Some people say I sorta look like her. I don’t see it.

Surely, my heart goes out to her family and friends. I was in the store the other day. I noticed the tabloids about her death. I think a little more dignity and respect could have been applied (referring to the pictures). But of course, who am I to say?

What are your thoughts?

Just got finished with this lovely modest skirt for girls! No easy task. I love the look of this skirt! It sorta reminds me of Salsa dancing!

There was  a lot of sewing with this project (two hems & ribbon)! The colors in this skirt are bold and beautiful! I like the greens and blues that speak to me. I just don’t like dull looking colors.

Color makes me feel good! When I see beautiful colors on others, it makes them look nice also. I don’t think some people realize how nice they’d look in more brighter and beautiful colors. Color can also lift our spirits (make us feel better).

No wonder when we see kids with all the fun colors on, they tend to put a smile on our faces! I can’t wait to show you the colors of my next project!

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I just finished making this beautiful modest skirt for girls!

I must say, “I have a crush on this skirt!” The colors are awesome! This modest skirt is for a slim girl. It doesn’t give in the fabric, due to the cut of the skirt. What a nice skirt to wear on a special occasion (wedding, dinner, religious)! This skirt is sure to bring out the beauty in a girl! It seems that each skirt I make becomes my favorite! Can’t wait to see what the next one will look like!

Helpful tips: Proper pressing and ironing will make your homemade project look like a masterpiece! Always use an iron to press the seams.  You can press them flat, open, or to one side. This sets and blends the stitches in the fabric.  As you can see in the video, I use my iron a lot! Thanks for reading and watching! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

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This modest girl skirt looks amazing! It has a pearl look to it. Notice the birds and heart shapes on it. I tried to find a song to match it! Did you hear the birds singing in it?  Lavender is a relaxing color. It just happens to be one of my favorite colors!

Did you notice my seam gauge? I love using it! It makes my job easier! It’s a 6-inch ruler with an adjustable slide that moves up and down the length of the ruler. It makes hems nice and even all around the skirt.  I never sew without one!

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Sewing is like medicine to my soul! It’s very peaceful. I can honestly say, “I have a passion for sewing.” Probably more so a longing for it! I love picking out the beautiful fabric with my Daughter! Now that I order my fabric online, I can’t wait to receive it at my home. I’m like a child opening up a toy when I get it! I must see it and touch it right away!

I put a lot of love and attention into my modest handmade skirts. I know each and every detail about all the skirts I make. With everything being mass-produced these days, retail skirts for girls don’t get this kind of attention.

Machines don’t connect to people. They just mass produce. If you see something in a store that lacks your own personal taste,  it’s not like you can call the designer up and say, “Hi  Mr. Succi! I love this skirt! Can I get it in hot pink instead of black?”  “Also, it’s a bit too short. Can you please lengthen it for me?”  Forget about it. You may as well try to find something else you like.

Mr. Succi can’t give you those little extras. You’ll never reach him! I can do that with my handmade skirts. I have the opportunity to connect with my customers. I can accommodate my customers more than a big mass producing company can. If I want to adjust the price or take a return I can. I don’t have to go by the policy. I know that each case is different. I’m willing to work with my customers more.

I really care about the quality of the skirts that I make.  Just knowing that a girl somewhere around the world will wear a skirt of mine, fills me with joy!  I’m contributing something to communities all over! Not just a skirt. But a modest skirt. One that any parent would be pleased to put on their Daughter!

When I receive something that has been handmade, I feel very special! I know that a lot of time and effort went into making it and buying it! All in all, handmade things are made better, have lots of love, and make others feel very special!

Thanks for reading!

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This modest girl skirt was fun to make! I wanted to add Ladybugs to it somewhere.  I happen not to have any. Any girl would be as cute as a lady bug in this zesty black and red polka dot skirt! This style tends to fit very nicely on a girl’s body. It will definitely compliment her beauty!

Pins, pins, and more pins! As you can see in the video, I use a lot of pins to pin my projects down. They’re a must have. I like the longer ones with the plastic ball on the end. They feel better on my fingers when I’m pressing them into the fabric. Sometimes, I use more. Sometimes I use less. It just depends on the pattern. Plus, how I feel on that day. If I feel like I’m just tired or clumsy, I’ll use more pins. This way I’ll make fewer mistakes while cutting or sewing.

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